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Thanks So Much For Stopping By!

I fell into cookie decorating completely by accident. I remember making a some Husker cookies
for the kids and their friends years ago. "That was kind of fun," I thought to myself.

But I didn't follow up on it. I made decorated cookies for Christmas plates one year, but it wasn't

until 2018 that I took a dive into cookie decorating via Instagram, and I was hooked! 


Hi, I'm Duveen, the person behind SomeCookiesBecause. I used to be a HS German teacher; these days, I work full-time as a RFP writer and content manager. Cookies are what I do in my free time - they are so much fun! 

I'm a mom to two wonderful adult children, and just recently, a grandma to two adorable baby girls. I'm also a dog mom to a 14-year-old rescue dachshund named Jack ... I have a soft spot for senior rescue dogs.


Miscellaneous things about me: I love books, cozy coffee shops, Husker football, Munich, beautifully formatted documents, and the Oxford comma. I don't like trendy business jargon, too many words on a PowerPoint slide, alarm clocks, or beets.  

PS: I have this thing for cookie cutters. I've somehow managed to accumulate 600 of them. They are sorted and stored in bins, and yes, I have a spreadsheet to keep track of them. I read once that buying cookie cutters and using cookie cutters are two entirely different hobbies. That seems to be true for me, LOL. 

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