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Lots of Cookie Questions & Answers

Pricing is one of the first questions I get asked, of course. It's also the first question on this page.

There's lots of other information here, too, so please keep reading below. 

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How much do your cookies cost? ​

Cookie orders begin at $48/dozen. This includes a combination of cookie shapes and sizes and 3-4 colors. If your order involves elaborate details, many colors, hand lettering, or brush painting, that bumps the price up a bit.


How do I pay?

I accept cash, Venmo, or check (established customers only). You can find me on Venmo @duveen. If you are paying by check, please make it out to Duveen Penner.

Do you ship cookies?

I'm sorry, I do not ship cookies. All cookies must be picked up locally in Lincoln, Nebraska.


How far in advance should I order cookies?

Because I work full time, I need a minimum of two weeks advanced notice. I only take one order at a time, so please reserve your date as far in advance as possible.


Do you accept large cookie orders?

I'm a small batch baker, so three dozen is usually my limit.


Do you offer different cookie flavors?

Yes! The flavor I make most often is an almond vanilla sugar cookie. Or you can choose from chocolate, lemon, cranberry bliss, or subtle strawberry cookies. If you are ordering at least two dozen cookies, I can include two flavors in your order for a small additional charge.


Do you offer gluten-, dairy-, or sugar-free options?

I'm sorry, but I do not. Also note that my kitchen is not allergen-free.


Where do you make your cookies?  

I am a home-based Cottage Bakery baker, so my cookies are baked and decorated in my kitchen.  Although kitchens in cottage bakeries are not inspected by the Department of Health, cottage bakers must abide by certain safety and sales rules to continue operating.


I found pictures of the cookies I want on Pinterest. Can you make them?

Inspiration pictures are great, but I can’t copy someone else’s work. The pictures will give me an idea of what you're looking for though, and that's really helpful. Invitations and descriptions or photos of your event décor are also good sources of inspiration. Creative freedom is required :) 


Do you make character cookies?

Although I have done a few of these sets in the past, I no longer take orders for character cookies. This would include things like Mickey Mouse cookies, Disney characters, popular cartoon characters, etc. However, I am happy to design a set of cookies that match the color, patterns, and style of your party theme!  


Can I order cookie favors?  

Yes! Cookie favors are usually larger cookies, and each one is individually packaged in a heat-sealed clear bag along with a ribbon and/or tag. These cookies are perfect for teacher appreciation gifts, party take-away bags, Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, etc. Prices range from $5 - $7 per cookie favor, depending on design and packaging. (Minimum order of 8 cookie favors, all the same design.)


What about cookie gift boxes?

Also yes! I offer three gift box options. Each 2-piece kraft window box comes with crinkle fill and a handmade bow. All cookies are packaged individually in heat-sealed bags. All gift boxes in an order must be the same size and contain the same cookie designs.


  • SMALL BOX: Two (2) decorated cookies. $10 per box. (Minimum order: 6 gift boxes)

  • MEDIUM BOX: Three (3) decorated cookies. $15 per box. (Minimum order: 4 gift boxes)

  • LARGE BOX: Eight (8) decorated cookies. $35 per box. (Minimum order: 2 gift boxes)


How long will my cookies stay fresh?

Cookies stay fresh and soft for at least two weeks if you keep them in the individually heat-sealed bags at room temperature. (Don’t put your decorated cookies in the refrigerator!)


Can I freeze my cookies?  

Yes, although you might notice a little blotchiness in the icing. That doesn’t usually happen, but it is possible (especially with dark-colored icing). To freeze cookies, leave them in the individual heat-sealed bags and place them in an air-tight plastic container. Place the container in the freezer. When you take them out of the freezer, don't open the container until the cookies are completely defrosted and at room temperature. If you expose the cookies to air while they are still cold, condensation can wreck the icing.

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